Lululemon invested in a bicycle clothing company

7mesh is a born in early 2016, sales of $250, a $140 bike bike jacket tight pants, looks like a bicycle version of Lululemon, announced the completion of their products waterproof performance to very thin material movement, seven the company’s founder, is a famous outdoor brand Archaeopteryx former employees.

“Bicycles are a very small category,” Stuart Haselden, chief financial officer and chief operating officer of Lululemon, told fortune. But if we can establish cooperation with them, we can effectively enter it.

In fact, some Lululemon stores in New York have started selling other sports products besides Yoga wear, such as running, riding, training, boxing and so on. Haselden says that bicycles are not a huge incentive for their business growth, but it is indeed an activity that some of the company’s customers will be involved in.