Rhea Active marched into the Chinese mainland market

According to statistical analysis, and in the next few years, Chinese, the Yoga market size will exceed the United States several times, so that the global Yoga Diva and are eager for this vast market, including Rhea Active, the top yoga clothing brand, in this hot summer day, set off the same hot and fast a China offensive in the mainland market, a cooperative agreement with the largest chain In Yoga hidden Yoga chain signed, started the retail business, opened a Chinese version of the online mall.

Rhea Active to focus on professional yoga mining is known, its biggest feature is that all styles of creative development, and had a yoga instructor in the professional field, people invite renowned participate in product design and production process, combining the expertise and fashion design the perfect example of a yoga instructor. This is rigorous, the pursuit of the ultimate attitude, Rhea Active and Arcteryx Archaeopteryx this kind of brand is the key to success.

In just two months, Rhea Active has gained great success in Chinese, at the same time, in the top more than 20 stores have sales, and is also preparing to let the yoga enthusiasts more fanatical plan in the next few years, Rhea Active will be in this thriving Asian land, the layout of the 1000 retail and Yoga Culture show.