Hologenix launches the first yoga suit that can shorten the recovery time of the body

Recently, Hologenix, a technology company producing yarn and textiles using Celliant technology, announced that they have developed the first yoga pants and yoga suit that can improve blood flow and shorten body recovery time.

Celliant is a patent technology to blend natural minerals into yarn fibers. The fabric woven from this yarn can capture the body’s heat and convert it into infrared wavelengths that can be absorbed by the body. Infrared can make capillaries expand, inhaling more oxygen, so that the human muscle performance is better, faster recovery, improve body temperature regulation and promote sleep.

Now, Celliant technology has been integrated into a variety of products, including functional coat, sportswear, clothing lining, diving suits, bedding, equestrian clothing, insulation materials, veterinary products and furniture, including the use of Celliant technology, linens and duvets in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union has been designated as a grade of medical products.